Hotel Lafayette @ Night

It isn’t often as photographers that we have the luck of shooting a new place in our city.  We’ve been shooting weddings in the Buffalo area for 15 years and have never made it to the roof top at Buffalo’s historic Hotel Lafayette.  Lafayette has banned photo’s from the roof due to safety and insurance.  However, the mother of the groom has a personal connection with owners of the hotel and we were in.  We didn’t have much time as we snuck away from the reception with the bride and groom in hope their guests did not notice they were missing!  Thanks Dave and Darlene for spending a few minutes with us on the roof.  It was a perfect ending to a fantastic day.  We think the shots were worth it.

This first shot is in the courtyard outside of the Hotel Lafayette Courtyard Room.  This is one of my favorite photo spots.  I love the ambient light that is created from the patio sting lights and we used just a small amount of fill flash to light up the dress.


Now we are on the Hotel Lafayette rooftop.  This spot in front of the historic neon sign was the perfect spot to capture the roof and a bit of history.  We used a remote flash in the background to silhouette Dave and Darlene with light in the background.  Without the fill light Dave’s dark hair would blend in with the dark sky.  We also used low light front fill side flash to brighten up Dave and Darlene.


Dave and Darlene requested a shot of the city.  We climbed up the highest deck on the roof to capture this shot.  We had to bring the shutter speed way down to bring in the light on the buildings.  We then used a side angle front flash to so we could light up Dave and Darlene and bring in some dramatic shadows on their faces to create the night skyline shot they were looking for.


The final shot I’ll share is from the same location but we brought the shutter speed up and the ISO down to make an overall darker romantic night show.



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