Raizel and Jared exchange vows at La Esposita Bonita

We were very excited to shoot the wedding of Raizel and Jared.  La Esposita Bonita in Varysburg has the features to be great wedding location, however there isn’t much there.  Raizel and Jared saw the potential and through imagination turned it in to a beautiful wedding location.  What was once just a forest became a magical ceremony retreat.  It wasn’t easy though.  They brought in lighting, wood chips, and decor to totally transform the space and it paid off.  One of the highlights was the entry door made from recycled re-purposed materials.

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If rain on your wedding day is good luck, than Raizel and Jared are set for life!  It rained all morning.  Thankfully the wood chips they spread in the woods controlled the mud.  Great call by the bride and groom!  As the ceremony began all eyes were on the bride as she walked down the aisle with her dad to the sounds of the live violin.

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Following the ceremony we spent some time taking family and bridal party photo’s.

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Following formal pictures Raizel and Jared joined their guests for a fantastic time dancing and celebrating!

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