Why we don’t give you unprocessed wedding photos

I recently read a post about this and I thought it was important to share my thoughts.  Most professional wedding photographers do not give you every picture taken at your wedding unprocessed.  When brides and grooms first hear this they sometimes try to talk us in to it.  When you hire a professional wedding photographer you are not just hiring someone to walk around the day of your wedding and take pictures.  It’s much more than that.  Once the day is over our work isn’t even half way down.  We shoot your wedding photo’s in our camera’s highest RAW photo setting.  Unlike consumer camera’s this file type is unprocessed.  Consumer camera’s shoot in processed images such as jpg files.  That type of file is already processed and ready to view on your computer.  The RAW images of your wedding must then be processed by us after your wedding.  RAW files are great.  They allows us to bring in extra light when it’s needed, or adjust the color balance of a photo.  We have the ability to make your pictures perfect.  Of course we shoot them as perfect as we can the day of the wedding, but there is not one professional photographer out there that will tell you we are perfect on every shot.  Perhaps a cloud rolls in changing our lighting, or the reflection of light off a colored wall changes the color balance ever so slightly.  On average we spend 8 hours processing your wedding photos.

We give you about 85-90% of the photo’s we shoot on your wedding day.  Our goal is to present a beautiful story of your wedding day.  Asking your photographer to hand over a memory card of RAW images is like asking a movie director to hand over all the footage shot of a particular movie.  Even though much of it hit the cutting room floor.

We could take a number of photos at any one moment.  Do you want every photo of you walking down the aisle?  Some may be out of focus, or perhaps your aunt stood up in front of the photographer to get a shot with her cell phone.  Perhaps your eyes are closed.  You don’t really want those photos.  Similar to you, we don’t want to see any unflattering images.

Remember, as well as paying us to take your photos, you are also paying us to edit them and ensure they are the best they can be.  These images will be around your entire life and shared with your family even after you are gone.  It’s important that on this important day every picture be wonderful.

We understand that some photographers shoot in jpg mode and give you every picture good or bad.  Just understand they are only doing half of the job.  That is why they are usually advertising on Craigslist and charge lower than a true professional.  We feel you certainly deserve better.  Each wedding has a unique story and we enjoy capturing it.

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