We are confident you will not find a better wedding photographer.  Our client friendly contract includes the following:

  • 100% refundable deposit (if you cancel your event 60 days or more before scheduled date)
  • Best price guarantee (if we offer a better special any time before your scheduled date you’ll receive the best price)
  • Final payment not due until you receive your pictures

NO ONE TREATS BRIDES AND GROOMS BETTER THAN E.M.  Call us today at 716-833-1111 to schedule a free consultation at our Niagara Falls Blvd Studio (one block from the Boulevard Mall).



Everlasting Memories Photography specializes in contemporary wedding photography.  The following quote from a popular wedding blog explains Everlasting Memories perfectly.

As the field of new wedding photographers widens due to the decreasing cost of entry level cameras, it’s important to remember that wedding photography is an art form. It’s also important to realize that low cost digital camera’s are not the same as pro-level camera’s, lenses, and lighting that only “true” professionals possess.  As soon as you see a wedding album from Larry Field and Everlasting Memories Photography the preceding facts are obvious.  Larry is based in Western New York, but the demand for his style, demeanor, and personality find him traveling to destinations around the United States and the Caribbean on a regular basis.  While other photographers simply use a “point and shoot” style in auto camera settings, Everlasting Memories is a master of camera technique and lighting.  Lighting styles range from natural lighting with the use of reflectors and diffusers to multiple off camera flashes.  Lighting conditions change throughout the day, as does lighting creativity.  The best wedding photographers know exactly what to do in every lighting situation.  This also changes with background environment settings.  Larry Field and Everlasting Memories achieve perfect exposures and stylized portraits that “point and shoot” photographers can only dream of.  This blog highly recommends the true professionalism of Everlasting Memories.

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