What to do when the blog goes down

It has been a crazy busy week so far.  After weddings on Friday and Saturday, I got to spend Sunday meeting many newly engaged couples at the Perfect Bridal Show in downtown Buffalo at the Adam's Mark. It was a great show.  I was a little surprised at the great turnout seeing as though it was the nicest day we had all year.  On top of that the Buffalo Bills were playing against the Denver Broncos for a home game at New Era Field.  None the less, turnout was great for the show.  Of course several came early and left before game time and many brides and grooms were wearing their Bills clothes.

After the show I was busy going through the names I collected at the bridal show sending follow up text messages and e-mails when I read an e-mail saying our website was loading really slow.  I blamed it on the fact that many couples were probably visiting the site at once - It was moving very slow though.  I checked the site the next morning and it was moving even slower.  I'm pretty experienced with web design as I've been doing it for quite some time.  I thought of a few tricks to try to get the site speed up.  Unfortunately me my tricks didn't work.  In fact it froze my wordpress blog completely.  Next thing I know the site goes in to maintenance mode and simply displayed an error message saying the site was down for scheduled maintenance, come back later.  Just wonderful.  Following a super busy bridal show my website is down.  I know many couples are trying to check out our work as they consider who to choose for their wedding day photo services.  I spent all day on the phone with tech support and we couldn't figure out what was wrong.  The site was totally frozen and I couldn't even log in to the server.  So I did the only thing that made sense... I pulled an all-nighter and started designing an entire new website.  I'm hoping eventually I'll figure out what happened and be able to re-upload all my past blog posts.  For now I'm going to keep the blog going and when time allows recreate some of my blog posts and put them back up.

So if you clicked on the blog and noticed there were no posts, that is why!  Check back often as I'm sure I'll get if figured out eventually.  It's funny because we back up all our photo's in three places (yes three places).  You live and you learn, I guess it's time to start backing up my blog as well.

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4 thoughts on “What to do when the blog goes down”

  1. Oh my goodness. I went to look at the blog post you made about our wedding and noticed it was down. I hope you can get all your post back up again. Good luck!

  2. We booked with you at the bridal show. We can’t wait until our wedding in September and know the pictures will be amazing.

  3. I saw this and was glad to see our online planning page was still good and that we didn’t need to complete the forms again.

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