Brittany and Nick exchange vows at Knox Farm

We had a great time with Brittany and Nick at Knox Farms.  They decided to spend their entire day at Knox Farms, and why not because it's a beautiful place for a wedding.  We started with some pictures with the bride as she got ready.  Nick has a beautiful daughter and it was very clear that Brittany and her have a wonderful relationship.  I love watching families come together.  Brittany knows how important step parents are first hand.  Both her father and step-father were in attendance and I loved how well they got along.  During a toast to the bride and groom, her dad thanked her step dad in raising their daughter.  It was great to see.  I wish all families got along as well as this one!  The first picture is one of their daughter stepping in Brittany's wedding dress.


Below are a few pictures from their wedding day.