Our passion for wedding photography is second to none.  It’s important for couples to realize that not all wedding photographers are created equally.  If you’ve attended a recent bridal show or done a simple search online you know there are hundreds of people claiming to be wedding photographers.  If there is one thing you learn from visiting our website and blog, we hope it’s the knowledge that there are many different levels of photographers.  Many of my blog posts explain several topics on this matter.  Most photographers have zero vision, consumer camera’s and equipment (not pro level), and are only in business part time.  They don’t have professional offices as they work from their basement.  Do you really want to trust the memories of your wedding to them?  Since you are on our page, I’m guessing not.

Taking amazing pictures is part of our job as photographers.  Wedding day management is one of the most important jobs we have.  That doesn’t mean that we are wedding day coordinators.  What it does mean is we have to manage the time we have to make sure you get the best pictures.  Couples count on us to keep the wedding party organized throughout the day.  We work with you to make sure everything goes as planned and everyone has a great time when they are with us.  Personality is very important.  Many photographers lack the skills to have fun.  I’m not sure why, but it’s true.  You don’t want to hang out with a photographer that is just bossing everyone around all day and isn’t having fun.  Believe me, the photographers personality can rub off on the wedding party very quickly.  One of the best compliments we receive often at the end of the night is when wedding couples and their family telling us how much fun they had with us.  We hear stories all the time about how the matron of honors wedding photographer the year before wasn’t fun and perhaps was a little bit mean.  We’ve been in business long enough (since the year 2000) to learn that personality can’t be learned.  Either you have a fun personality or you don’t.  That is why we hire photographers one of the top traits we look for is personality.  We can train photographers to understand our camera equipment.  We can teach our photographers how to have a eye for artistic shots and what to look for.  We can teach them the in and out’s of weddings.  We can’t however teach them to smile and how to be personable.  Fake smiles don’t cut it in this business!


Our contemporary wedding style is very popular.  We prefer to capture what is happening compared to creating what is happening.  We hate over posed photos.  Most of the day, we wan’t you to go on with your wedding day as if we were not there.  We wan’t people to stop midway down the wedding aisle for a picture.  We don’t want you to keep looking at us during your first dance.  We will be watching you from a distance all day and are ready to take your picture when the opportunity presents itself.  We LOVE your natural smile much more than your posed smile.  Since it’s a happy day, natural smiles are not hard to come by!  You can see the natural excitement of the day.  Many photographers during the first dance will go up to you (yes interrupt your first dance) and tell you to look at them so they can the first dance shot.  Not only does it take you away from the moment, but it’s also not as nice of a shot.

Call us today to schedule a free no obligation consultation.  We would love to hear your thoughts and plans for your wedding day and show you some samples of our work.  We know we are biased, but we truly believe we have the best wedding albums on the market and our prices are not outrageous.  We hear all the time from couples that they can’t believe how low our cost are.  Of course we have bills to pay, but we don’t feel the need to raise our prices just because other photographers (who are not as good as us) are charging more.  We make a great living doing what we do and we get to celebrate every week with couples on the most important day of their lives (until they have kids).  Truly, we think we have the best job in the world!